Safer Cell Phone Use

The RF Safe Air Tube Headset is safer and better option for every one no matter how big or small. When your kids plugged into there phone provide to the best protection for their ears.

5 Star Sound

Highest quality in performance and durability on the market. With lifetime quality support for any product mishaps. Not only are we keeping you safe but we make sure if for some reason something happens to this life saver, you’ll get a new one right away. 


The RF Safe AirTube Headset comes in many colors for a verity of styles. For those who want to stand out with our vibrant colors blue, red, green, purple, or the classic black or white style.

Why Choose RF Safe Air Tube Headset

Because Your Worth It!! RF Safe has dedicated 20 years and will continue. All to insure that you and our little ones are provided with the absolute best quality and protection. RF Safe's Headsets give you the best sound and safety features you could ask for. In colors for anyone sporting any style. They're perfect for the whole crew, family and friends!

RF Safe Headset Features

Ten Reasons Be RF Safe!

Safety Where It Matters

Is your Family Protected?

On The Go

Take us with you!

Quality Sound

Live Acoustic Sound!

Expanding Capabilities

Hands Free-Radiation Free

Never Put Your Family At Risk

Never Put Yourself At Risk




Music Never Sounded So Good

Its Never been this safe!

Movies Never Sounded This Real

Its surround sound on the go!

Get the Knowledge

Were here to help!

Have The Warranty You Deserve

With a product thats worth it!

Make Your Family Safe

With RF Safe Headsets, and MORE!!

RF Safe Headset Reviews

Read what customers are saying

happy customer

" I appreciate your awesome support, always answering my questions so detailed. I do have a RF Safe Case currently and it is wonderful, thank you again."

- Michael 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"Thank you! And all the good vibes and blessings for your company that is creating products that protects us from this crazy pollution. God bless you guys!!"

- Susan 5/5 Stars!


RF Safe Headset - Air-tube Color & Styles

We have a variety of colors, and styles!

SCREENWhite Stereo Airtube Headsets
SCREENRed Stereo Airtube Headsets
SCREENPurple Stereo Airtube Headsets
SCREENGreen Stereo Airtube Headsets
SCREENBlue Stereo Airtube Headsets
SCREENBlack Stereo Airtube Headsets
SCREENRed Mono Airtube Headsets
SCREENWhite Mono Airtube Headsets
SCREENPurple Mono Airtube Headsets
SCREENGreen Mono Airtube Headsets
SCREENBlue Mono Airtube Headsets
SCREENBlack Mono Airtube Headsets